Environmental health officers complete routine, follow-up and complaint inspections. View inspection reports and violation tickets in this section.

Environmental health officers conduct inspections on a routine basis and when complaints are received. Inspections determine if regulatory requirements are being met in general food handling, temperature control of foods, maintenance and sanitation of the premises and employee hygiene.

Each visit generates an inspection report that is provided to the operator to either confirm that they are compliant with regulations, or to inform them that they are required to address deficiencies.

Food facility inspection reports

Violation tickets

Both environmental health officers and tobacco enforcement officers are employed by Fraser Health to complete routine, follow-up and complaint inspections. This helps to ensure that facilities are in compliance with the applicable public health legislation. Officers have a variety of tools at their discretion which include but are not limited to education, violation tickets, orders and court action. Note that violation tickets issued to private individuals may not be displayed.

Please note that the offences listed here are current as of the date at the bottom of each page. Violation tickets will be updated at the beginning of each month.

Also note that violation tickets can be disputed in court. In the case where the operator has been successful in disputing the violation ticket, the ticket will be removed on the next update.

Food facility violation tickets

Violation tickets are grouped first by type of facility such as drinking water systems, food facilities, onsite sewage disposal, personal service establishments, recreational water facilities and tobacco sales facilities. Within each of these facility types, communities will be listed in alphabetical order.