Acute care leaders provide required workplace training to health care support workers and provide support to care teams, patients and families.

As part of the Health Care Access Program, acute care leaders provide workplace orientation and training for their health care support workers before they begin their formal educational training.

Training and orientation for your worksite care team, patients and families is also an essential part of supporting the success of the Health Career Access Program.

Providing orientation to your health care support workers

Health care support workers are required to complete the steps outlined below as part of their orientation and ongoing training.

Workplace training length will vary based on the workplace needs.

Orient your care team members to the health care support worker role

The health care support worker is a new position on the care team. It is essential that all members understand:

  • the role of the health care support worker, including what they can and cannot do.
  • the impacts to the care team’s roles and responsibilities
  • the supervision and the direction of health care support workers

The role of the health care support worker

The health care support worker role is non-clinical and non-direct. The role is intended to support the care team and the patients. Their role adds to the quality of life for the patients by spending one-to-one time with patients and helping care team members by freeing them up to provide more time providing clinical support to the patients. 

Care team orientation resources:

These documents are provided for printing and distribution.