Flow chart for respiratory illness measures

Updated November 2, 2023

For each of the scenarios outlined in the flow chart, it is critically important to remain vigilant in surveillance in case the situation changes. For example, more than one virus may be causing illness in the same setting, additional laboratory testing may be indicated, a client may have developed complications or a bacterial infection and need medical assessment, etc.

The checklists are provided as guides for the management of respiratory viral illness. The checklists do not substitute for:

  • Consultation regarding viral respiratory illness management (as needed) with your facility medical director and Public Health (Tool 2).
  • Consultation with your facility medical director or with the client’s physician when warranted due to a specific client’s condition.

Site management: unexpected increase in new cases or change in nature/pattern or illness. 

Review with your Public Health contact regarding:

  1. How control measures are being implemented.
  2. The possibility of more than one virus involved.
  3. Any indication for additional testing.
  4. Re-assessment of the most appropriate control measures.
  5. Any additional recommendations.