Tools 1-33

Updated May 8, 2024

The toolkit is a collection of tools designed to assist in using the protocol. These tools are referenced in the checklists. Some of the tools are references to materials that are on reliable websites, including Fraser Health, the BC Centre for Disease Control, HealthLinkBC, the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, PICNet BC and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Additional tools may be added and existing tools amended from time to time. Tools have tool numbers, not page numbers. This allows easy changes to the tools as needed.

Tool 1: Outbreak prevention and management team

Tool 2: Public Health and infection prevention and control public health (PH)

Tool 3: Antiviral prophylaxis and treatment for residents

Tool 4: Influenza pre-printed order template

Tool 5: Letter to pharmacies regarding influenza antiviral orders

Tool 6: Template for list of important contact numbers

Tool 7: Information on influenza/COVID vaccines, treatment and prophylaxis — Educational resources on the internet

Tool 8: Obtaining and transporting influenza and pneumococcal vaccine (including ‘cold-chain’ guide)

Tool 9: Ordering swab collection kits from BCCDC Public Health Microbiology and Reference Laboratory

Tool 10: BCCDC virology requisition (sample)

Tool 11: Swab collection and pre-paid shipping information 

Tool 12: Transportation of dangerous goods information for Fraser Health and BCCDC laboratories

Tool 13: Signage to use during the respiratory virus season

Tool 14: Measures for minimizing the risk of viral respiratory illness in your care community

Tool 15: Routine practices (standard precautions) 

Tool 16: Droplet precautions poster

Tool 17: Aerosol generating procedure (AGP) precautions poster

Tool 18: Personal protective equipment

Tool 19: Enhanced cleaning

Tool 20: Disinfectant selection guide

Tool 21: Infection Prevention and Control audit tools and outbreak debrief template

Tool 22: Facility influenza-readiness report

Tool 23: Staff influenza immunization

Tool 24: Helpful information about common respiratory viruses

Tool 25: Management of ill residents during an influenza outbreak

Tool 26: Flowcharts for influenza outbreaks

Tool 27: Resident illness report and tracking form - Resident illness reporting

Tool 28: Staff illness report and tracking form

Tool 29: Letter to physician: Staff member recommended to take anti-influenza medication for prophylaxis during an influenza outbreak

Tool 30: Preventive measures for asymptomatic staff during an influenza outbreak 

Tool 31: Acute care to Long-term care/Assisted living transfer document

Tool 32: Resident transfer form: Care community to Emergency Department (CommuniCare)

Tool 33: Declaring an outbreak over influenza A and/or influenza B outbreak


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