Practicing your response to an overdose will help keep your skills sharp and ready.

At Fraser Health, we practice our response to overdoses in order to make sure our skills are sharp and ready. Just like earthquake and fire drills, overdose drills are great for maintaining knowledge and preparedness. Join us! 

Why you should participate

  • When faced with an overdose, it is important to act quickly and confidently. 
  • Practicing your response to an overdose will help keep your skills sharp and ready. 
  • Expansion of access to naloxone has saved lives. However, even if you’ve had naloxone training, it is important to refresh those skills on a regular basis through practice and online training. Regular overdose drills can help, just as earthquake and fire drills are used to maintain knowledge and preparedness. 

How to participate

  • Follow our overdose drill toolkit to plan and conduct your drill.
  • Encourage others to participate - get your colleagues, co-workers or others involved.
  • Plan a time and place for your drill and let your team know. 
  • Use the feedback form below to report on your drill and assist in refining your response plan.
  • Take and post photos with a caption using your social media accounts with the hashtag #overdosedrill2019 and tag Fraser Health (@FraserHealth on Twitter and Instagram; @FraserHealthAuthority on Facebook). 
  • Important note: please ensure you have consent from everyone in your photos before taking pictures and especially before posting them on social media. 

Overdose drill toolkit

Download our overdose drill toolkit to plan and conduct your drill.

Watch our overdose response drill on Facebook Live 

Watch our Facebook Live video on how to conduct an overdose response drill.

Where to get more information

Fraser Health Mental Health and Substance Use Services and Public Health are jointly coordinating this Overdose Response Drill, and specific questions about this event can be directed to:

Marika Sandrelli
Phone: 604-219-2028

Erin Gibson
Phone: 604-362-2811 

For information about overdose response, go to 

For information on International Overdose Awareness Day, go to