Tools and resources to help start the conversation about overdose prevention.

Having a conversation about substance use and overdose prevention with someone you care about may not be easy. It may be tough to find the right words to say. It may take many talks. Sometimes it may not go the way you want. But having the conversation together can lead to effective overdose prevention and it can save lives.

We’ve put together some tools and resources that can help.

When Words Matter: A Guide

Whether you are a parent, child, friend, partner, co-worker or peer of someone who may be using substances, reaching out and having conversations about overdose prevention is a crucial step that you can take together. Our When Words Matter Guide goes over how to:

  • Prepare for and begin the conversation
  • Keep calm and focused
  • Recover when a conversation doesn’t go well
  • Care for yourself as someone who is impacted by another’s substance use
A short video with tips on how to reach out to have a conversation about substance use and overdose prevention with a loved one or peer.

Overdose is closer than you think: Social media kit

According to the B.C. Coroner’s reports, the majority of overdoses are happening inside private residences – often closer than we think.  We all have a role to play to reach out and have a conversation if we are concerned about someone.

Visit our public awareness campaigns section to help spread the word and #StopOverdose.