How to support your pregnant partner.

Share the experience with your partner and learn more about the different weeks of pregnancy.

In the early weeks (around 4-14 weeks of pregnancy) pregnant women can feel very tired and sick. Certain smells and tastes might make your partner feel nauseous, and she might want only to sleep. She might be irritable about things that seem minor to you.

In the middle months (around 15-26 weeks of pregnancy) many pregnant women find that much of their energy returns, and she may not want or need to be given special treatment any more.

Towards the end of pregnancy (around 27-40 weeks) the baby can feel very heavy. The tiredness and irritability of the early weeks often returns, and your partner may start to feel frightened about the birth. If she's on maternity leave from work, she might feel lonely without the company of her colleagues. She may be worried about finances now that she’s not working.

10 tips for dads-to-be

  • Quit smoking. Having a baby is a great reason to stop smoking.
  • Protect mom and your baby by making sure your immunizations are up-to-date.
  • Join your partner in prenatal class. The more you know about labour, the more you’ll be able to help.
  • Learn the benefits of breastfeeding. Know that it is the healthiest choice. Go with mom to a prenatal breastfeeding class.
  • Connect with your child before birth. A good time to start is now while your baby is in the womb.
  • Learn about car seat requirements in Canada. Install the car seat early and get used to adjusting the straps before the baby’s first ride home.
  • Be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Make sure you are able to be contacted at anytime. Make arrangements with your work in terms of time off and workload coverage.
  • Make a plan for in-laws and friends visiting at the hospital and at home.
  • Keep your doctor’s number handy.
  • Take time to connect with how you are feeling about becoming a dad. It’s ok to be a little worried, talk with friends and your partner about your concerns. Learn more about father’s mental health.

Sex in pregnancy

It is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy for most couples (unless not recommended by your doctor). However, some women may not want to make love during pregnancy. Keep in mind:

  • Her breasts may be very tender in the early weeks
  • Make sure she is comfortable – try different positions as the pregnancy progresses
  • It’s best to avoid sex if there’s any bleeding or pain

Some men find it difficult to make love during pregnancy. They may feel uncomfortable about their partner’s changing shape. They may worry about the baby. Talk to your partner but be sensitive to her feelings. Talk with other fathers who understand what you’re going through.

Learn more about healthy sex during pregnancy.