What to expect at the hospital and how to support your partner during labour.

  • Learn more about your maternity hospital stay. View our maternity tours online.
  • Pre-register at the hospital and fill out all the required paperwork beforehand. Also encourage your partner to register for the Best Beginnings prenatal program.
  • Do a trial run to see how long it takes to get from your house to the hospital and where to park.
  • Make sure you know what to pack for mom and you. Be sure to pack a sleeping bag and pillow if you plan to stay overnight.
  • Have a birth plan. Address any issues involved in the birth including
    • Whether she wants to have an epidural
    • Who plans to attend during the birth
    • Wishes on a C-section
    • Plans to go skin-to-skin and breastfeed right away
    • Remember it is a “plan” and be prepared to deviate from it. It will be up to you to advocate for choices once it’s time for birth.
  • Learn more about what to expect in the second night in hospital - a time where tiredness sets in and when baby’s needs for attention increase.

Support during labour

  • You play a critical role in supporting your partner through labour. Learn about the stages of labour and practical ways you can help her relax and coach through the labour.
  • Prenatal classes offer tips and resources for supporting your partner during labour.
  • Watch a video about labour and birth. It may not be something you choose to watch often, but having an idea of what may happen in labour and birth will help you support your partner.