Partner with health care providers to ensure the patient perspective is included in the planning, delivery and evaluation of Fraser Health health care services.

There are a variety of ways to share the patient perspective. We want to hear from you.

Have your say

As a patient, family member or caregiver you have a unique perspective into our services and care. Sharing your experiences helps us grow. Take a survey or send us an email.   

Become a patient and family partner

A patient partner is a person who has been a patient or caregiver and shares their perspective with health care providers. Patient and family partners are volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to help make the health care experience better for others.

Patient partners:

  • Share insights and information about their experiences
  • See beyond their own personal experiences
  • Show concern for more than one issue or agenda
  • Respect the perspectives of others
  • Work in partnership with other team members
  • Expand their knowledge and skills
  • Network with health care providers and other patients


Whether a few hours a week or a few hours a month; as part of a group or on your own, you can take part at the level that meets your needs.

Role and responsibilities:

Your role and responsibilities will depend on project or opportunity you are working on.

Some roles are short term, or one time. Others are ongoing. 

Patient partners are involved in:

  • Leadership interviews
  • Document reviews (e.g. Patient Education material or policies / procedures)
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Education sessions (planning, implementation and evaluation)
  • Orientation of new staff members
  • Patient and Family Advisory Councils (regional, local and department)
  • Mental Health Stakeholder Engagement

Patient and family partners make a difference.

How to get involved

We recruit patient partners through a variety of ways including the Patient Voices Network, a community of patients, families, caregivers and friends who collaborate with health care providers to bring change and improvement to the health care system.

  1. Apply – Introduce yourself to us by emailing Let us know about your health care experience, how much time you would like to share with us and the kinds of projects you are interested in.

  2. Screening – In your role as a patient partner, you will be included in sensitive information and discussions, including hearing other people’s experiences, future plans and more.
    As part of the registration process, we require a brief screening of all members. This includes a discussion with an engagement leader to learn more about the patient partner role and so we can learn more about why you are interested in partnering with Fraser Health.

  3. Registration –  As you’re generously volunteering your time and experience, we include you in our Volunteer community.
    After we meet with you, we'll help you register through our Volunteer system.

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