Get answers to some of your virtual health questions

You can use either a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer with a web camera and microphone.  

You will need a connection to the internet through cable, Wi-Fi, satellite, or cellular data. You are responsible for costs related to this connection.

  • What can I use virtual health for?

    • Get access to health care providers and services.
    • Work with your health care provider from home to plan your care.

    Your health care provider could include your doctor, nurse practitioner, dietitian, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, social worker or specialist (such as a heart doctor, kidney doctor or psychiatrist). 

  • How do virtual health visits work?

    • Your health care provider will ask you for your email address or phone number connected to your device. This will allow them to send you instructions by email or text on how to join your virtual health visit from your device using your chosen virtual health tool (i.e. FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom). It might also include a meeting invite.
    • Check your email on your computer or phone, including your junk folder, to make sure you got the information (and invite).  If you did not get anything, contact your health care provider.
    • Confirm the meeting by replying to the email or text. Mark the date on your calendar.
    • Think of your virtual health visits as a regular appointment with your health care provider. You will be able to hear, see and talk to your health care provider. They will be able to see, hear and talk to you. 
    • Speak clearly and normally. You don’t need to raise your voice or shout.
    • You can have a family member or friend with you, when appropriate. Please introduce them at the start of the visit.
    • Sometimes technology doesn't work. We will try to prevent this. If there is a problem, we will arrange for another visit.
    • If you feel the virtual health visit does not meet your needs, you can stop it at any time. You can schedule a face-to-face (or phone) appointment for a later time.  
  • How long is a virtual health visit?

    The length of a virtual health visit can vary. It depends on your medical condition and needs for care.

  • Can I still meet with my health care provider in person?

    Yes, virtual health is your choice.  

    If you prefer, you can schedule a face-to-face appointment. Face-to-face appointments can take longer to arrange. You would have to travel to the appointment. 

  • How do I ask for a virtual health visit?

    Ask your health care provider if virtual health visits are possible and appropriate as part of planning your care. 

    If it is available and appropriate, your health care provider will arrange a time for your first virtual health visit.