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What to expect in 2018 (Dates and details are subject to change)

  • Until late May 2018: Sherbrooke Street will be under construction
    Sherbrooke Street will be excavated for a hospital utilities and IT pathway between East Columbia Street and the hospital’s service lane, just east of Fader Street. The street will still be available to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Construction will be done one lane at a time, in approximately 50 metre sections, and traffic will be detoured into a single lane of alternating traffic around the section. At times parts of the sidewalk may be closed. Check out the construction notice for more details and this April update.
  • Until July: Keary Street at Brunette disrupted for concrete pours

    Concrete will be poured on each level as the mental health building takes shape. Large trucks will deliver concrete to the corner of Keary Street and Brunette Avenue once or twice a week, requiring the north west-bound lane of Keary Street to be temporarily closed. The sidewalk at this corner will remain closed until mid-April 2018. Concrete finishing work, which must be done right after concrete is poured, will happen after usual construction hours (i.e. after 8pm) and will use lighting and motorized machinery. Check out the construction notice for more details.

  • Until early 2020: Part of the hospital’s east service lane will stay closed

    The southern part of the service lane (that connects Sherbrooke and Keary Streets at the east side of the hospital) will stay closed to all traffic and pedestrians preventing access between Allen and Keary Streets. Pedestrian access to SkyTrain will be impacted. An IT and utilities pathway will be excavated, and an underground tunnel and an overhead 2-storey bridge-link will be built which will connect the new mental health facility to the existing Health Care Centre. All this will require excavators, loud drilling, concrete work and large concrete pumping trucks, especially around April as the bridge-link’s foundation is being built. 

    Until early 2020, delivery trucks will be use Sherbrooke Street only to access the hospital’s loading docks. In late 2019 the lane will then be repaved, and sidewalks and landscaping will be added. See Construction Site during and after Phase One.

  • February to July: East Columbia Street will be excavated for utilities 

    The east bike lane and east sidewalk of East Columbia Street will be excavated for a new hospital utilities and IT pathway, and for City power. During May the intersection at Sherbrooke Street will be excavated, but traffic in all directions will be maintained except on the east side of the intersection on Sherbrooke Street. From late May to likely July the east bike lane and east sidewalk will be under excavation which will impact traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists and bus stops. See the City of New Westminster website for construction notices and update on this work.

  • March and April: Expect road closures on Keary Street, Brunette Avenue

    Roads around the construction site will be intermittently closed for short periods while large generators and boilers are delivered for the new energy centre being built under the mental health facility.

  • April to end of 2018: The mental health building will be enclosed

    An envelope will be created around the new building as it’s enclosed. Surrounding streets may be interrupted occasionally while materials are delivered. Once the envelope is in place Bird Construction will start work on the interior of the building.

  • June: Expect disruptions to Allen Street, and the north part of the service lane

    Intermittently in June large equipment will be delivered inside the building and to the roof which will disrupt Allen Street and the north portion of the hospital’s private east service lane.

  • July to August: Keary Street will be excavated from East Columbia Street to Brunette

    Keary Street will be excavated for a new hospital utilities and IT pathway. The work will start at East Columbia and progress eastward towards the hospital’s east service lane. At the same time work may start at the corner of Keary Street and Brunette Avenue and progress westward to the hospital’s east service lane. Pipes will be installed for storm and sanitary sewer lines, water mains and electrical and communications ducting. This will require some concrete work too. Access to Anvil condominium’s parkade will be maintained. Expect traffic backups in the southbound curbside lane on Brunette Avenue as people turn onto Keary Street.

    To keep traffic moving as safely and efficiently as possible along Keary Street, construction will be done in sections. Expect delays on Keary Street. Check out the city of New Westminster’s website for construction notices on this work.

  • September to November: Allen Street will be excavated for utilities 

    All of Allen Street will be excavated, one lane at a time, to install water and storm lines. Copperstone condominiums will stall have access to their parkade.