Project overview

  • What is the Royal Columbian Hospital redevelopment project?

    The Royal Columbian Hospital redevelopment project is a $1.49 billion, multi-year project that will increase the hospital’s capacity, introduce advanced medical technologies and improve the health care environment for patients, staff and medical staff. When complete, the project will transform almost all aspects of the hospital and ensure that lifesaving services are available to people across the region now and in the future.

  • Why is the redevelopment necessary at this time?

    Royal Columbian Hospital is the oldest hospital in the province and one of the busiest. The redevelopment will provide more capacity, provide advanced technologies and equipment and upgrade the hospital infrastructure to meet the needs of patients and staff.

  • How does the project fit into the overall vision for capital projects in Fraser Health?

    We are building to modernize our health care system for the needs of today and the future. With $5 billion in capital work underway in Fraser Health, we are making significant investments to build capacity and improve timely access to quality, patient-centred care closer to home.

    The facilities’ upgrades and capital investments undertaken prioritize innovation, planetary health, accessibility and inclusion because we know these are vital for protecting our health care system now and in the future.

    As one of the largest capital projects underway in the province, the redevelopment of Royal Columbian will enable us to continue to provide the level of high-quality care that people throughout the region have come to expect from this award-winning hospital.

  • What are the key benefits of the redevelopment?

    The key benefits include:

    • More capacity: The redevelopment will add approximately 50 per cent more beds.
    • Patient-centred care: Planning and design for the redevelopment focus on the patient experience while in hospital, including more single-patient private rooms and a healing environment that features natural light and outdoor spaces.
    • Modern technology and equipment: The redevelopment will introduce new technology and medical equipment that will support an improved care experience for our patients.
    • Enhanced services: The redevelopment will add a new, larger Emergency Department that will feature a satellite medical imaging unit, among other improvements to ensure our patients receive the services they need for urgent and emergent care concerns.
    • Enhanced safety: The redevelopment will include features to enhance staff and patient safety, such as: separate routes for patients and staff; larger operating rooms; standardized layouts; and improved lines of sight from care stations.
    • Better infection control: The redevelopment will include the latest infection prevention and control requirements to improve safety such as operating rooms that include UV light to disinfect and kill pathogens.

    See the project overview for more details

  • What stage are you at in the project?

    In phase one, we opened a new Mental Health and Substance Use Wellness Centre and made infrastructure improvements to enable the expansion in bed capacity in phase two.

    Phase two – a new Emergency Department and acute care tower – is now under construction and is scheduled to open in 2025.

    We are beginning to plan the design of phase three – upgrading and expanding areas in existing buildings. Phase three is scheduled to be complete in 2026.

Phase two acute care tower

  • What will the tower include?

    The tower will include:

    • More beds for intensive care, cardiac intensive care, obstetrical and medical/surgical patients.

    • A new, larger Emergency Department with 75 treatment bays and a satellite medical imaging unit.

    • More operating rooms and interventional radiology and cardiac suites on a surgical and interventional floor.

    • A larger maternity unit joined to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

    • Advanced technologies and equipment.

    • Underground parkade with 350+ spaces, new main entrance and rooftop heliport

    • Site enhancements and infrastructure upgrades.

  • Will there be private rooms for patients?

    Most patient rooms will be single rooms to enhance patient privacy. The remainder will be double rooms.

  • How many new parking spaces are you adding?

    In phase one, we added 450 underground parking spaces. As part of phase two, we will be adding 350 underground parking spaces.

    We expect the phase two parking spaces to open following the completion of the building in 2025.

Phase three renovations

  • What is included in phase three?

    Phase three of the redevelopment involves renovations to existing hospital buildings. The approved business case includes the following areas for renovation:

    • Interventional

    • Main Lab

    • Satellite Medical Device Reprocessing

    • Information Management/Information Technology

    • Food Services

    • Medical Imaging

    • Pharmacy


Construction questions and answers are available on the Construction zone page.

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