Working to improve the health of the population and the quality of life of the people we serve.

Building for Better Health Care

We are building significant places in your community

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We are building centres of excellence in children’s and women’s health, in neurosciences, trauma and cardiac care services. We are building new university teaching and research space to train a new generation of doctors, nurses, and clinicians.

We are building significant places in your community - places that bring new investment, and new jobs; stimulate new economic development, new technology and more efficient practices.

We are building to help you achieve a better quality of life by increasing our efficiency, decreasing congestion, wait times, and cancellations. 

Unprecedented growth

We are in the midst of the largest capital expansion in the history of health care in British Columbia. Right now we have approximately $2 billion in construction underway across the Fraser Health region. And this is just the start. Over the next decade we anticipate a multi-billion dollar investment will be required to meet current and growing demands on our health care infrastructure. 

Demand for services

Since 2006 Fraser Health has served over 5.3 million patients  just in our hospitals. This is a staggering number when you consider that the total population of the area governed by the Fraser Health Authority is only 1.5 million people. This constant and growing demand has put serious pressure on an aging hospital infrastructure, creating congestion and other service challenges.

Case for investment

Lack of current capacity is one of the most serious issues facing Fraser Health and is why we are aggressively building and campaigning for further capital investment. Fraser Health is the largest health authority in British Columbia, serving 35 percent of the province’s population. Between 2007 and 2020, Fraser Health’s population is expected to grow by 27 percent to nearly 1.9 million people, resulting in Fraser Health serving an even greater percentage of British Columbia’s population.

This growth means serious challenges to keep pace with the demand for services. Unless acute care (hospital) capacity increases, unless capital investment dollars continue to flow, our ability to serve the public to the highest standards will worsen in terms of efficiency, wait times, and overcrowding. 

Our projects

We are working on strategies to ensure we can provide the best level of care and improve health within our community. This includes a range of community health initiatives and expanding and renovating our current hospitals and care facilities.  You can find a list of our projects and detailed information from the navigation bar on the left.

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