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Surrey Memorial Hospital Expansion and Redevelopment

An eight-storey critical care tower and new emergency department

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Eight-storey Critical Care Tower and new emergency department now open

To meet the demands of Surrey's growing population, Surrey Memorial Hospital is undergoing a $512 million expansion, one of British Columbia's largest ever capital investments in health care. This includes an 8-storey Critical Care Tower which opened June 2014, a new Emergency and Pediatric Emergency which opened October 2013, plus renovations to existing parts of the campus until 2015.

In total, 151 beds are being added, expanding the Hospital's capacity by 30%.

Highlights of the Tower

  • The focus is on patient-centered and family-centered care and design
  • Approximately 80% of patient rooms are single-patient rooms for better privacy, patient experience, and infection control. Most have windows with views to promote healing.
  • Approximately 20% of patient rooms are special infection control rooms with their own air flow, and an anteroom where staff don protective gear before entering the patient's room. This prevents the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Patient rooms on Floors 5, 6, 7, and 8 have ceiling mounted lifts to safely move patient from bed to bathroom. Each room has its own macerator for the safe disposal of human waste plus a hand washing sink for better infection control.
  • Patient rooms are larger and designed with 3 zones (patient, family, and staff). The patient zone has an electronic bed, TV, and medical equipment. The family zone has a recliner chair and/or sofa bed, lockable safe-drawer, and privacy curtains so a family member can stay bedside. The staff zone has a computer to enter and discuss patient information, a hand washing sink, equipment and an observation alcove just outside, so we can monitor patients without disturbing them.
  • All medical floors are divided into 4 pods which are clusters of beds around a nursing care station and medication room. Pods provide clearer patient visibility for staff, and can be closed off if necessary to prevent spread of a virus or other highly infectious disease.
  • More than 200 clinical employees from Fraser Health have been involved in the various stages of design of the tower's interior to ensure our staff's efficiency and opportunity to provide patient-centered care are enhanced.
Here's what's in the Tower:

Level 1

  • Canada's second largest Emergency Department, that's state-of-the-art and the size of 3 NHL hockey rinks. It's BC's busiest Emergency, has over 100 private patient treatment rooms, and includes a separate Mental Health & Substance Use Zone for adults, and a Satellite Medical Imaging Unit primarily used for Tower and Emergency patients
  • A new Pediatric Emergency Department, 1 of only 2 in BC, has its own separate entrance.
  • A new main entrance to the Hospital and new lobby

Level 2

  • New Variety Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has 48 beds (up from 24). Each baby/family has its own private room, and rooms are large enough for twins (in our previous NICU up to 8 families shared a room). Rooms are family-friendly with breastfeeding recliner chairs, sofa beds, and privacy curtains so a parent can stay overnight.
  • New Neonatal & Pediatric Pharmacy which specializes in providing medications and IVs to our tiniest patients.
  • BC's first Ronald McDonald Family Room is a ‘house within a hospital' just steps away from our NICU and for families with a child staying in the hospital. Includes a day lounge where families can relax, cook, shower and do laundry. Four sleep rooms allow overnight stays.
  • Garden Walkway lounge and patio, with gift shop, lottery booth, cashier.

Level 3

  • Expanded Faculty of Medicine where we'll help train a new generation of physicians, and promote research on site. Includes a 4-room Simulation Lab that uses life-like manikins for teaching, a conference room, on call rooms, clinical teaching rooms, and a library. Includes a 125 seat lecture theater on Level B.
  • Site Administration and Conference Centre

Level 4

  • An expanded and updated regional Laboratory Medicine and Pathology department uses new robotics and advanced technologies to speed efficiency and diagnoses, and for greater patient safety. Our lab is expected to perform 5.3 million tests a year. It also provides regional services including all tumor marking testing for Fraser Health, some transfusion testing for Fraser South, Microbiology testing for Langley, Peace Arch and Delta, plus anatomic pathology testing for Langley.

Level 5

  • An expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU), has 25 beds up all in private, much larger patient rooms to allow a family member to stay bedside. Each room has a ceiling mounted boom to safely hold life-saving equipment.

Level 6

  • An expanded High Acuity Unit (HAU), also has 25 beds, up from 10, which are all in private rooms. Like our ICU, each room has a ceiling-mounted boom to safely hold life-saving equipment, a private bathroom, and six rooms have showers. The Unit includes a wheel-in shower room for bedridden patients.

Level 7

  • A 36-bed Medicine/Nephrology Unit allows us to cluster medicine patients requiring bedside dialysis for more efficient care. All patient rooms on floors 5, 6, 7 have special plumbing/hookups for dialysis (the first of its kind in Canada) so dialysis equipment can be brought to a patient's bedside whenever and as often as they need it, rather than transporting the patient to a separate renal unit. 30 beds are private, 6 semi private.

Level 8

  • A larger Neurology Unit has 22 beds dedicated for acute stroke patients and another 14 for patients with neurological disorders. 30 beds are private, 6 semi private. Patient rooms are large enough for in-room therapy.
  • Large therapy space on Level 8, with smaller therapy rooms on Level 7 and 6 so patients can stay on their own Unit to receive therapy. More patient-centered.


  • New Helipad will be used occasionally by BC Ambulance to bring patients to and from Surrey from across BC.

Level B, P1, P2

  • A new underground parkade with 360 more parking spaces plus a 70+ stall surface lot for short-term parking have been added. Also, the old North Parkade is being demolished and rebuilt into a 750 stall parkade and is due to open late 2014.

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