Working to improve the health of the population and the quality of life of the people we serve.

Strategic Direction

Six strategic imperatives to guide our efforts and decisions

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Our six strategic imperatives guide organizational improvements required to meet the health needs of the people we serve now and into the future. The strategic imperatives emphasize a need to focus on continuous quality improvement in all our patient care and business operations while maintaining a balance between financial and human resources.

Following is an outline of our six strategic imperatives and supporting objectives:


Create and optimize existing capacity to meet the health care needs of our population.


  1. Increase health service capacity
  2. Optimize existing capacity
  3. Advance capital plans

Quality and SafetyDeliver exceptional service as an organization that pursues quality and is recognized nationally for its results.


  1. Increase patient, client and resident satisfaction
  2. Decrease waiting times
  3. Increase patient, client, resident and staff safety
  4. Remove unnecessary variation in care
  5. Improve accountability for quality


Create an integrated and sustainable health system.


  1. Strengthen integrated service, planning and delivery
  2. Advance integration and quality of care
  3. Strengthen shared services with other health authorities

Progressive Partnerships

Advance strategic alliances and progressive partnerships.


  1. Engage “citizens as partners” to support healthy living
  2. Create collaborative partnerships internally
  3. Create collaborative partnerships externally with municipalities and community agencies

Research and Academic Development

Be an academic health care organization that improves health outcomes and health services sustainability through teaching, education and research.


  1. Foster a “culture of curiosity”
  2. Support new models of inter-professional education and training
  3. Develop networks to support grant and industry-sponsored research

Great Workplaces

Create workplaces where people want to contribute because the environment and culture supports their well-being and engagement.


  1. Ensure the well-being and safety of our people.
  2. Provide meaningful, regular feedback and recognition
  3. Retain and recruit the best
  4. Foster a work/life balance
  5. Encourage personal and professional development
  6. Enable our people to take a lead in achieving our goals.

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