Where can you get Naloxone


Naloxone is a safe medication that can reverse an overdose and is available in B.C. without a prescription. There are three options for accessing a supplies:

1. Pharmacists of B.C.: anyone can purchase naloxone and receive training on how to use it from local pharmacies without a prescription. To learn more check with your local pharmacy.

2. Take Home Naloxone (THN) kits and refills are available at no cost to:

  • People who use illicit substances or have a history of use
  • Family and friends of people at high risk of an overdose

Note: Health care workers are not eligible for kits through the THN program and should contact their employer.

3. Facility Overdose Response Box Program (naloxone administration supplies) available at no cost to community organizations such as:

  • Shelters, Friendship centres and drop-ins working with people at risk of overdose.
  • Information on eligibility for the program and program requirements and registration can be found here.

Take Home Naloxone distribution locations

Entire Fraser Health

Find entire Fraser Health location list.

Across B.C.

Find Take Home Naloxone distribution locations across B.C.

Training sessions

In Fraser Health, Take Home Naloxone training sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about overdoses and naloxone.

Find a Take Home Naloxone training session in Fraser Health.

Learn more about B.C.’s Take Home Naloxone Program.

Learn more about education on Harm Reduction, Overdose Awareness and/or Naloxone administration.


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