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Information for Peer Nurse Immunizers

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Peer Nurse Immunizer’s are your co-workers working with you on your unit or on a unit within your site. They will offer you a convenient and easy way to get your flu shot this year. Their role is to promote the uptake of flu vaccine within their site, through information, a positive attitude, and provision of the Influenza Vaccine to their Peers.

The Peer Nurse Immunizer will determine, in collaboration with their manager, ways in which to provide influenza vaccine to their peers.  This could include static clinics, roving clinics, staff meetings, and ad hoc at the request of the staff member.  The Peer Nurse Immunizer must provide immunizations according to the established standards for vaccine storage, handling, and administration.

Information relating to the qualifications for those who can provide influenza vaccinations without a doctor’s order:

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