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All Fraser Health staff, volunteers, students, contractors, visitors and physicians in patient care areas are now required to receive the influenza vaccination or wear a surgical/procedure mask during flu season. For details, read the Influenza Control Policy.

Learn more about the flu policy, flu shots and peer nurse immunizers

Where can I get vaccinated?

There are a wide variety of convenient options available to you to get your flu shot, free of charge.

Get immunized How to wear a mask


How do I report my flu shot?

Report your flu shot using our new online self-reporting form (see visual how-to guide)

  • Available at work or at home for your convenience
  • Completely secure and confidential

Frequently asked questions

What is a patient care area? A patient care area/location is defined as an area within a health care facility, including a contracted facility, that is accessible to patients, residents or clients who are there to access care or services; including, for example, hallways or lobbies.

It includes any other location where care is provided, such as home and community care locations (including a client's home). It does not include locations such as administrative areas or private offices which are not generally accessed by patients, residents or clients.

I just got my measles vaccine.  Can I also get my flu shot? The seasonal influenza vaccine is an inactivated vaccine and can be given at any time after you have received your measles vaccine.

Anyone who has recently received their measles shot can safely receive their regular influenza vaccination at any time.  Protection against measles requires proof of receiving 2 doses of a measles vaccine. Measles is a live vaccine; in order to receive full protection, the interval between your two MMR doses must be given at least 4 weeks/ 28 days apart.  Any other live vaccines would need to be given on the same day or at least 4 weeks after your MMR vaccination (including FLUMIST flu vaccine).

We are not encouraging the use of FLUMIST for health care workers because it is a live virus and may not be as effective in adults.

Visit our FAQ section for more common questions about the flu vaccine and masks.


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