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For health care workers

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Get immunized
How to wear a mask

As of Tuesday, December 1, 2015 you will need to have reported your flu immunization or decision to decline vaccination and wear a mask in patient care areas for the duration of the influenza season to your employer through the online self-reporting system in order to comply with the Provincial Influenza Control Policy.

Where can I get vaccinated?

There are a wide variety of convenient options available to you to get your flu shot, free of charge.

  • Workplace Flu Clinics
  • Peer Nurse Immunizer – visit FH Pulse for the Peer Nurse Immunizer directory
  • Participating pharmacies
  • Family physician
  • Walk-in clinic

How do I report my flu shot?

health care workers

Report your flu shot using our online self-reporting forms:

contractors, students, volunteers

  • Volunteers - report to their volunteer manager or coordinator
  • Contractors - report to their supervisor or manager
  • Students - report to their instructor

Frequently asked questions

Visit our FAQ section for more common questions about the flu vaccine and masks.

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