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Beach condition reports

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Recreational water quality: Current conditions for beaches in Fraser Health

Public Beaches are monitored for physical hazards and sources of contamination.  Regular water samples are collected on a weekly basis during the spring and summer months, to monitor the bacteriological quality of the water to determine whether or not a beach is in compliance with the "Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality." Beach operators are directed to post warning signs if the beach conditions are considered unsatisfactory for physical, chemical or biological reasons.


Primary Contact Area

A primary contact area as defined in the “Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality” is where the whole body or the face and trunk are frequently immersed or the face is frequently wetted by spray, and where it is likely that some water will be swallowed.  This includes swimming, surfing, waterskiing, whitewater canoeing/rafting/kayaking, windsurfing or subsurface diving.

▲ Satisfactory - Geometric mean of less than or equal to 200 E.coli bacteria / 100ml

▲ Unsatisfactory - Geometric mean of greater than 200 E.coli bacteria / 100ml. Swimming is not recommended.

* indicates that there were less than 5  samples to create the geometric mean


Frequently asked questions

For more information, visit our Recreational Water Quality Frequently Asked Questions.

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