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Current Active Outbreaks

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We ask all visitors to use our hand hygiene stations when they enter and and exit our facilities, particularly if there is a reported outbreak. Learn more about visiting during an outbreak.


Respiratory illnesses are reported below as Scenarios A or B. 

  • Scenario A illnesses are respiratory illness outbreaks in which Influenza is known or suspected as cause.
  • Scenario B illnesses are respiratory illness outbreaks characterized by serious illness – while not Influenza, illness is more than “a bad cold” in many or most of those affected.

Gastrointestinal illnesses do not require Scenario classification.

Belvedere Care Center CoquitlamÈ

Date DeclaredSiteHospital or ResidentialUnit & ProgramOutbreak TypeComments
January 21, 2016  Belvedere Care Center Residential Respiratory Illness
February 2, 2016 Burnaby Hospital Hospital BH-4WA PATH unit

BH - 3B unit
Respiratory Illness
February 1, 2016 Evergreen Baptist Campus of Care Residential Gastrointestinal Illness
January 15, 2016 Heritage Village Residential First floor Respiratory Illness, Scenario B
February 2, 2016 Menno Home Residential Main floor, West 1 unit Respiratory Illness, Scenario A
February 2, 2016 Mission Memorial Hospital Hospital Medical Unit MM-2 Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI)
January 26, 2016 The Residence in Mission Residential Gastrointestinal Illness
February 5, 2016 Rosemary Heights Residential 1st floor, Secured Unit Gastrointestinal Illness
January 28, 2016 White Rock Seniors Village Residential 2nd Neighbourhood Respiratory Illness, Influenza B, Scenario B

Updated February 5, 2016.

The Current Active Outbreaks list is updated when new outbreaks are declared. When an outbreak is over, the facility is removed from the list.

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