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Home is Best

Home is the best place to recover

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We support a philosophy that home, with appropriate supports, is the best place to recover from illness and injury, manage chronic conditions and live out final days.

Seniors who have been admitted to hospital will likely recover more slowly than younger people. Evidence shows that leaving hospital as soon as possible and recuperating at home with home supports and community services is better than waiting in hospital to fully regain your strength before returning home.

Returning home as soon as possible with the supports you need gives you the best chance to regain your strength and independence, even if you are not yet able to care 100% for yourself.

Learn more about the Home is Best philosophy

Let's Get You Home
Learn how you and your family participate in planning your return home as soon as possible after a hospital stay
Let's Keep You Home
Learn how you can manage your health at home, while receiving health and community supports

Home is Best for Seniors: Plan ahead so you can remain home as you age

How do I access these services?

When you are ready to be discharged from hospital, you will be referred to a knowledgeable team of coordinators called the Home Health Liaisons who will help match your needs to resources in the community.

Fraser Health has many supports in place in the community to help those with chronic conditions to stay well at home and avoid coming to hospital.

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