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Air Quality

Partnering with others to address air quality concerns

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Air Quality refers to the state of the air around us.  Good air quality indicates clean, clear, unpolluted air which is essential for everyone and everything in our environment.  Poor air quality occurs when pollutants reach concentrations that endanger the health of the population or the environment around us.

Understanding the sources of pollutants can help us find ways to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Indoor Air Quality
Between home, school and work we can spend a majority of our time indoors.  Air pollution is not just an outdoor problem.  Poor ventilation, mould, chemicals found in building materials etc. can all impact the quality of the air that we breathe while indoors. More information on indoor air quality.

Outdoor air quality

Also known as Ambient Air Quality can be affected by a number of different elements such as sources of pollution, geography, weather including wind and rain. More information on outdoor air quality.

How is Fraser Health involved with Air Quality?

We are committed to the following:

  • Providing Information to the public on sources of pollution and the impact on Health.
  • Supporting Regulatory change that promotes better Air Quality.
  • Educating individuals how they can make small but positive changes in their daily routines that can positively impact air quality.


Contact your local environmental health office for assistance and information on air quality and health.

Source: BC Air Quality Website, VCH Air Quality, BCHealth Files #65

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