Provides specialized services to seniors experiencing a number of medical problems at one time and are at risk of losing the ability to function independently.

Examples of health issues that are seen by the clinic include

  • chronic disease (dementia, depression, etc...)
  • risk of falls, or history of falls
  • difficulty managing medications
  • changes in the ability to live independently
  • caregiver challenges

The interdisciplinary staff supports clients, and their families and caregivers.

The clinics provide comprehensive screening, assessment, treatment, care planning and education to seniors and their families, as well as mentoring support to professional caregivers. The clinic staff have specialized skills and knowledge to treat the wide variety of geriatric health problems. The diversity of the staff allow you to get the specific help that you need.

For instance, a client who needs help managing a large number of medications will get help from a pharmacist.  A client whose caregiver is overwhelmed with providing care to the client will get help from the social worker.



Adult aged 65 and over residing the Fraser Health region with complicated health needs requiring a comprehensive interdisciplinary geriatric assessment.


This service requires a referral from a physician, nurse practitioner or health professional.