Learn what not to do when using the logo.

Consistent and accurate presentation of the Fraser Health logo reinforces awareness of our brand.

Use only approved logo files (Intranet login access is required).

To help avoid misuse, do not:

Logo with repositioned elements

Reposition elements

Distorted logo

Distort, skew or stretch any part of the logo

Logo with effects applied

Apply effects to the logo

Logo on a brightly coloured background

Place the full colour logo on coloured backgrounds

Fuzzy logo

Use fuzzy, pixelated or low resolution logos

Medical imaging and nuclear medicine department logo

Build your own entity or department logos

Logo with incorrect colour in graphic symbol

Replace colours to create contrast

Logo with gradient colour

Fill the logo with a gradient

Rotated logo

Rotate the logo

Logo with incorrect fonts

Recreate or edit the logo

Logo with incorrect colours

Change the standard Fraser Health logo colours

Logo without graphic symbol

Display the wordmark without the graphic symbol

Only the graphic symbol

Display the graphic symbol without the wordmark

Logo with incorrect shades of orange and blue

Use other tints, shades or tones of orange and blue

Colour logo on top of a scenic photo

Place the logo on busy backgrounds

3D logo

Make the logo three dimensional

Black and white outlined logo

Outline or create a keyline around the logo

Cut off logo

Crop the logo

Full colour logo with white background ontop of coloured background

Place on a white box over a background

Logo with incorrect proportions

Change the proportions of any element within the logo

Oval shape behind logo

Encase the logo in a shape

Logo inside another graphic

Use any portion of the logo for creative purposes

Placing a photo within the buffer zone of the logo

Place anything within the buffer zone

Logo with incorrect slogan

Replace the Fraser Health tagline

Remove from general use

Do not use the following logo formats for general Fraser Health branding:

Logo not in circulation  Logo not in circulation 
 Logo not in circulation  Logo not in circulation

If you have a question about logo guidelines or how to apply the Fraser Health brand, please contact brand@fraserhealth.ca.


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