Learn how to display your team, project, service and more.

A consistent Fraser Health visual builds awareness, trust and credibility of our organization.

This is why the creation or use of sub-brands by Fraser Health departments, programs, services and projects are not permitted – they dilute and undermine the effectiveness of the organizational brand.


To maintain a consistent Fraser Health visual, the creation or use of custom logos is not permitted for:

  • committees
  • departments
  • events
  • frameworks
  • partnerships or collaborations
  • programs
  • projects and initiatives
  • regions
  • services
  • teams
  • websites, applications and platforms

Those currently in use should be promptly removed and replaced with the Fraser Health logo. Instead of custom logos, you can use text to define a Fraser Health department, program or service


It is acceptable to use text to define a Fraser Health department, program or service if:

Acute sites


Sites with approved wordmarks may use them to assist identification of their specific location in internal communications such as:

  • Memos
  • Letters
  • Posters
  • Digital signage
  • Meeting minutes

It is acceptable to define a specific acute site department, program or service if the proper text application guidelines outlined above are applied.


For all external communications, the official Fraser Health logo with or without the tagline – better health, best in health care – may be used.

Colour and font identities

Our core colours are blue, orange and white and our font family is Arial.

Using our core colours and preferred font creates consistency and strengthens overall brand recognition.

The creation or use of other colours and fonts with the purpose to identify or differentiate a department, team, project or area is not permitted.

Custom colours and fonts currently in use should be promptly removed.