It is important that we all know our role in improving the access and flow of patients in our hospitals so that we can help our patients get home sooner.

When it comes to access and flow, every hour, every minute matters to our patients, who would rather be home to complete their full recovery.

To accomplish this, we’ve developed new tools to ensure care and discharge planning for our patients stays on track so that patients receive the best quality care.

We have a web-based acute care dashboard updated that can be used by all clinical employees to get an instant picture of access and flow issues.  Some of this data is updated in real-time. This tool is available on Pulse at (Note: To access, you must be logged in on a Fraser Health computer.) 

We have also uploaded a comprehensive care and discharge guide to Pulse to refresh us on our responsibility to provide our patients with the best health care experience. This guide is on Pulse at (Note: To access, you must be logged in on a Fraser Health computer.)

Senior leadership can access the care and discharge scorecard in Leaders’ Corner on a quarterly basis for a view of site and unit performance.

Site and team leaders can download new “Every hour matters” posters from this web page to post in employee areas.

If you have questions about how to use these tools or implement access and flow improvement initiatives, please speak to your manager or contact Team Access by email at