A guide for the completion of the Canadian fundamentals of fetal health surveillance self-learning online manual and fetal health surveillance refresher workshop registration.

Register for the fetal health surveillance workshop

All Fraser Health fetal health surveillance workshops are posted on Learning Hub

  1. Access the Learning Hub
  2. New user? Create an account.
    •  Choose the best description for your role (RNs choose health organization employee; midwives and physicians choose medical staff).
    • Choose Fraser Health as your health organization (if you do not choose Fraser Health you will not be eligible to register for our classes)
  3. We offer fetal health surveillance (FHS) for Fraser Health - FHS interprofessional refresher (2 hours). This is a refresher course for staff who are currently working in the perinatal area. This course is recommended every two (2) years.
  4. Register online here: https://learninghub.phsa.ca/Courses/14141/fetal-health-surveillance-fhs-for-fh-fhs-interprofessional-refresher-2hr
  5. You will see all of the fetal health surveillance classes that are currently being offered in Fraser Health.  Take the workshop at your own site whenever possible. Note: Classes are posted as soon as they are planned - approximately 1-2 months in advance.  If you are wishing to plan further in advance, please speak to the clinical nurse educator at your site to find out if they have plans to hold more refresher classes. 
  6. Looking for an 8 hour fetal health surveillance provider course? Try BCIT - https://www.bcit.ca/study/courses/nspn7250 

Attend fetal health surveillance at your own site whenever possible to improve teamwork and communication.

Complete the fundamentals of fetal health surveillance self-learning online manual prior to attending your workshop.

Many people prefer to use the self-learning online manual, but if you prefer to study the textbook you can borrow one from any Fraser Health maternity unit.

Accessing the fundamentals of fetal health surveillance self-learning online manual

Use Google Chrome from any computer - home, Fraser Health, library, etc.

First time users:

There are two (2) parts to this process:

  1. Part 1: Create an account at UBC CPD eLearning using the link above
  2. Part 2:
    • Access the course by searching "Fundamental of Fetal Health Surveillance Online Manual" or go to https://elearning.ubccpd.ca/enrol/index.php?id=35
    • You will have the option to choose the free online manual or pay $30 for the online course that includes the exam and certificate.  Choose the free course at this time.  There is a paper exam included on this webpage that will need to be completed prior to attending the fetal health surveillance refresher workshop. (If you are interested in obtaining CME credits for this online course you must pay the $30 fee and complete the online exam to receive the certificate.  If you chose to do so Fraser Health will not reimburse you as this is not currently part of our program).
    • Under self enrolment, enter the enrolment key that was sent to you by email by UBC CPD eLearning.

Completing the workshop preparation

  1. Complete the Fundamentals of Fetal Health Surveillance online module
    • Login to the UBC CPD eLearning website: https://elearning.ubccpd.ca/login/index.php
    • Click on "my home" or "my courses" in the left hand side of the screen under navigation to see your "Fundamentals of fetal health surveillance online manual".
    • You will be able to leave the module and return but you must return to the beginning of the last lesson you left.
    • You will not be directed back to the same page you left.  You can see the lessons you have completed, however, and navigate to the correct lesson..
  2. Complete the fetal health surveillance exam.
  3. Bring the fetal health surveillance exam with you to the fetal health surveillance refresher workshop to be marked.  Successfully completing the fetal health surveillance exam is part of the refresher workshop.  Once you have completed the exam and the in-person workshop you will have access to a certificate of completion through the Learning Hub where you registered for the fetal health surveillance refresher workshop.
  4. Available for your review prior to the course is the new Fraser Health procedure for intermittent auscultation.


What happens if I forget my password?

The UBC CPD eLearning website is very user-friendly.  Go to https://elearning.ubccpd.ca/login/index.php and select "forgot my password"  then follow the prompts.

What if I can't find the website to take the online exam?

If you are having trouble finding the website for the fetal health surveillance module: