This 30-minute video is an education resource for first responders, including police, paramedics, emergency room staff or anyone working with people who use substances.

It shows the remarkable, positive difference that can be made when people who use substance are approached in a manner that fosters respect, compassion and inclusion.

The video focuses on specific behaviours and actions that, while seemingly simple, can have a deep and long-lasting positive effect on individuals with substance use problems who are in crisis.

Using more of an appreciative lens, this video highlights real life examples of effective engagement that can be applied, adapted and amplified by first responders. These examples can prompt individual reflection, group discussions and organizational feedback. The concepts include health trajectories, ripple effects, attunement , and tipping points that can be explored within service settings to help build confidence and compassion to address the complex needs for these clients.

Moments to Milestones

  • Moments to milestones video - full length
  • Moments to Milestones Video - Trailer