We provide ethics consultations to help address uncertainties or conflicts that arise in your health care with us.

Who can request a consult?

Any patient, client, health care team member, family member or a loved one can request an ethics consult.

When would I request a consult?

Situations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Challenges in making decisions for patients or clients who do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.
  • Concerns around fairness in the treatment of patients or clients.
  • When patient/family/loved ones and/or members of the health care team do not agree about the next steps in treatment.
  • Uncertainty if it is appropriate to withdraw or continue life-sustaining therapies.
  • Feelings of uncertainty about whether the right treatment decision is being made.

What happens once I submit my request for a consult?

Each situation is unique so the process may vary. A team member from Ethics Services will contact you for further details. Opportunities for support may include:

  • Meeting with you in person.
  • Reviewing the patient’s chart.
  • Meeting with other involved parties (family/loved ones, health care team members, etc) to collect information and different perspectives.
  • Holding a consultation meeting with the people who are involved (often this will take place over multiple meetings).
  • Write up a summary of the discussion and decision made by the patient, family/loved ones, health care team members at the meeting(s).
  • Distribute the summary to all meeting participants, where appropriate.
  • Conduct a third party evaluation of the consultation.

Request an ethics consultation

Complete the ethics consult request form and email to ethics.services@fraserhealth.ca. Or call 604-587-4486.