Information about your pay and benefits, and how they may be impacted while you are on leave.

You can access your pay and benefit bank information, including your pay notices, through myFHinfo

If you have difficulty logging on to myFHinfo, review these instructions for accessing myFHinfo from home or contact the Service Desk at 604-585-5544. 


  • How is my pay impacted while on leave?

    At Fraser Health, your sick bank acts as your short term disability plan. If you need to be off work and your illness or injury is not part of a WorksafeBC claim, you will be paid from your available sick bank. 

    If you do not have enough time in your sick bank, you may need to go on an unpaid leave until you return to work or transition to long term disability.

    For more information about sick time, read Sick time - know your numbers. To check that status of your sick bank, log in to myFHinfo.

  • What happens if I run out of paid sick time?

    Your time-card will be coded as ‘unpaid sick time’, which draws from your leave of absence (LOA) bank. At that time, you may be eligible for Medical Employment Insurance through Service Canada.

  • How do I obtain a Record of Employment (ROE)?
    • Your Record of Employment (ROE) can be obtained through myFHinfo, under the “Request My Information” tab.
    • Your ROE will not be processed until the end of the pay period that your paid sick leave depletes.
    • You are responsible for reporting any earnings after your ROE has been issued to Service Canada
    • If you have questions about your ROE, contact Fraser Health's payroll department.
  • How do I transition to long term disability?

    Your absence and disability management contact will guide you through this process. Connect with them directly if you have specific questions. Learn more about long term disability.

Health and welfare benefits

Health and welfare benefits may include Extended Health, MSP, Dental, Group Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) and Long Term Disability (LTD). Review your Benefits Booklet to find out which health and welfare benefits are available to you. 

You can access your Benefits Booklet on myFHinfo, under "General Employee Information". 

  • Impact to health and welfare benefits while on paid sick time

    If you are on paid sick time, all employer-paid benefits will continue as usual. 

  • Impact to health and welfare benefits while on an unpaid leave of absence

    While on unpaid leave, your leave of absence (LOA) bank is depleted. Once you have depleted your LOA bank, your employer paid health and welfare benefits will cease. At this point, you will have the option of continuing benefit coverage by paying for the premiums yourself.

    You will be sent a 'Benefit Costing Letter', which you can access on myFHinfo under 'Notifications'.

    If you are on leave and your LOA bank has depleted and you have not received a Benefit Costing Letter, email People Information and Benefits or call 604-520-4420.

  • Important notes
    • Benefit coverage will be cancelled if you do not return the Benefit Costing Letter within the deadline on the letter.
    • Benefit coverage will be cancelled if you decline to pay for the premiums as outlined on your Benefits Costing letter.
    • If you have questions about when reinstatement of employer paid benefit coverage will occur, email People Information and Benefits or call 604-520-4420. 


  • How can I access information about my pension while on leave?

    Visit Pensions BC to access either the Municipal Pension Plan or Public Service Pension Plan websites. 

  • How is my pension impacted while on paid sick leave?
    • If you are on paid sick leave, long term disability, a WorksafeBC claim or a return to work plan, you will continue to accrue pensionable service.
  • How is my pension impacted while on unpaid leave of absence?
    • If you are on an unpaid leave of absence or using unpaid sick time, you will not accrue pensionable service. However, you may be able to buy service for the time you took off work on an approved leave.  To review your options, contact Fraser Health's Benefits department
    • To view your unpaid leave of absence or unpaid sick hours, log on to myFHinfo.
    • If you are a casual employee on a WorksafeBC claim and were a contributor to the pension plan, you will not accrue pensionable service. 


If you are considering retirement at any stage of your employment, you will need to connect with Fraser Health's Benefits department so they can provide specific information for your situation.

Here is some general information about retirement for your consideration: 

  • The normal retirement age is 65; however, you may retire as early as 55 or you may continue to work past age 65 if you choose.
  • There are changes in the entitlement of benefits in the year you turn 65 and beyond. Contact Fraser Health's Benefits department for more information. 
  • You should discuss retirement six months prior to the intended date of retirement with your manager, and at least two months prior with Benefits department

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