Disheveled woman sitting on the road, leaning against a car wheel well with a first responder attending to her injuries after what appears to be a car accident.

If you are unable to work due to an  injury, illness or accident that happened outside of work, call the employee absence reporting line (EARL) at 1-877-342-3275.

Alert your manager/supervisor and timekeeper of your absence from work by contacting the EARL line

  • What happens if I am off work for more than five days?
    • You may receive a call from a member of the absence and disability management team. 
    • The purpose of the call is to check to see if you require any assistance. If so, we can work with you, your care providers and union (if applicable) to support your recovery and return to work.
  • How will I get paid?
    • Your sick bank provides income for short-term absences and can provide income during the during the long-term disability qualifying period, if applicable.  
    • You can check your sick bank on myFHinfo (visit the remote log in page to access outside the network).  
      • Click on “View / Change My Information” > “Benefit (Accural) Banks” to see how many hours you have in your sick bank.
    • If your sick bank is empty then you can apply for the employment insurance (EI) sickness benefit.  If applying for EI, start the application process as soon as possible as it can take approximately four weeks to receive your first payment. 
    • See Your sick time – know your numbers  for more information about your sick time.  
  • I am ready to return to work. Now what?

    Depending on your needs, there are many different types of return-to-work programs available. 

    • If you can complete all of your work tasks and hours, contact the disability management team at and your manager. 

    • If you cannot complete all of your work tasks or hours, please see the returning to work section. 
  • What should I do when I am recovering?

    Your role in your recovery and return to work is critical. Steps to follow: 

    • Keep your manager/supervisor informed of your recovery timeline. Remember that you do not have to share the specific details about your medical condition with your manager or supervisor.   
    • Follow your treatment plan, in collaboration with your health care providers, absence and disability management team member and union (if applicable).
    • Update your absence and disability management team member on the progress of your recovery and return-to-work plan.
    • If you’re struggling in your recovery, reach out to your absence and disability management team member. We are here to help.
    • Remember that staying connected with your department while recovering can help with your social well-being. 

Call the employee absence reporting line (EARL)

604-605-EARL (3275) OR toll-free at 1-877-FHA-EARL (342-3275)