Work may not be an option, but how we experience our work can be.

Workplace stress and other challenges can impact our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The following resources are designed to support you at work and improve how you experience your time as an employee with Fraser Health.


Available via web browser, on your mobile device, and on an app, MyHealth offers easy access to all your needs related to personal health, wellness, safety, job-readiness and absence and disability information, including:

  • Fit-testing
  • Training
  • Your vaccination records
  • Work-absence and incident reporting
  • Hazard and exposure reporting
  • Absence and disability management
  • Health and well-being resources

Fraser Health respectful workplace team

Fraser Health is committed to ensuring employees, medical staff, volunteers, students and others working within our organization are treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying and are supported in resolving workplace disputes in a constructive manner. For more resources, please visit their Pulse page (please note that you must be logged onto the Fraser Health network to access Pulse pages). 

Engagement Radicals

The Fraser Health Engagement Radicals (ERADS) are a collective network of change agents that see a better way of working together. They are committed to fostering a work culture where people feel heard, seen, safe and engaged. This role is supported and developed through monthly webinars, newsletters, organization-wide initiatives, learning opportunities, and coaching. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to grow their leadership, communication, and facilitation skills. The ERADs team consists of 190+ staff members from across Fraser Health, including point-of-care providers and leaders.

To learn more visit the Engagement Radicals page on Pulse (please note that you must be logged onto the Fraser Health network to access Pulse pages) or email:

Education and career development resources

Personal and professional development can be a great way to keep ourselves energized. Obtaining new skills can help you manage your current work with more ease, while creating future career growth opportunities.

Learning resources for employees

Visit the Leadership Development and Professional Development pages on Pulse for online and in-person education and professional development opportunities for employees(please note that you must be logged onto the Fraser Health network to access Pulse pages).

LearningHub is Fraser Health’s course registration system. Use the portal to search for courses and register for an online or classroom course.

Learning resources for managers and leaders

Managers: Visit the education section on Management Centre for resources, courses and report templates to support you with your work with financial, employee and patient/client-related matters.

Absence and disability management support

The absence and disability management team at Fraser Health supports employees who are ill or injured and unable to work as a result. If this fits your situation, visit the absence and disability management support web resource or contact the absence and disability management team for more information.

Employee discounts

Several employee discounts, including gym memberships and other well-being related offerings, are available on the Coffee Break section of Pulse (please note that you must be logged onto the Fraser Health network to access Pulse pages).