The Fraser Health principal investigator is responsible for overseeing the administration of study budget and for complying with the applicable regulations, policies and/or agreements.

Updated February 14, 2023

The Department of Evaluation and Research Services (DERS) provide support and training to researchers throughout the lifecycle of the study.

Cost centre creation

Researchers can request a study cost centre by submitting the Cost Centre Request Form on ROMEO once the study has received the Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research (LOA). With this new account, they can manage their research funds and administer expenses.

Per Fraser Health Research Policy (Section 1.16 Research Accounts and Section 2.1 Fraser Health – Funded Research), all research awards (i.e. grants) must be held in a Fraser Health DERS research account (cost centre).

Cost centre management

Summaries of activity (i.e. push reports) are emailed on a monthly basis to the principal investigators for review. The principal investigator or designate can also review the reports in MicroStrategy FAR.

For real-time data, either the principal investigator or their designate can view the detailed study expense data in Meditech Magic.

For more details, see guidance for research accounting.

Tracking expenses

To prevent the study from going over budget, keep track of study expenses by using a spreadsheet, such as Excel, or Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).

Transfer research fund

The research development specialist can assist with the transfer of research funds to and from Fraser Health. However, if the project involves funding from the Tri-agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHF), please complete and submit the contracts intake event form on ROMEO.

Research grant administration oversight

All Fraser Health researchers who receive grants must provide a copy of the award notice and the regulations or conditions governing the use of grant funds to DERS on ROMEO.

Some funding agencies require DERS to monitor the expenses charged to research award accounts. DERS will monitor the expenses as required.

For all studies receiving funding from Tri-Council (e.g. CIHR) where Fraser Health is either the primary site or sub-site, Fraser Health researchers are required to submit an annual Statement of account (form 300). Form 300 summarizes the revenues and expenses incurred during the fiscal year for every research grant, and needs to be signed by the Fraser Health researcher and Fraser Health Finance.