Find out how to apply for research grants.

Updated December 22, 2022

How do I apply for a research grant?

Once you have identified a research funding opportunity, follow these steps to begin the application process:

  1. Review the application guidelines and any materials provided by the funder. Make sure that you are eligible to apply for the grant and that your project is a good fit for the funder. 
  2. Contact our research development specialist to inform us of your intent to submit the application. This step ensures that your grant application receives proper review and Fraser Health executive approval. Please see the section below for information on how to obtain Fraser Health approval.

  3. Submit your letter of intent (if applicable) and other pre-application registration information as required by the funder.

  4. Compile your project team.

  5. Develop study methodology, budget, knowledge dissemination plan and other required research information.

  6. Fill out required application forms and submit resumés/curriculum vitae.
    If you are applying with Fraser Health as your institution, please ensure that Fraser Health Authority is listed as your primary affiliation on your curriculum vitae (e.g., on your Canadian Common CV (CCV)).

  7. Obtain letters of support or collaboration, if required, for the funding application.

  8. For many competitions, application submission and final host institution approval is completed through electronic portals (e.g., MSFHR - ApplyNet, CIHR - ResearchNet). Please complete and submit your application in the required portal one to two days prior to the agency competition deadline in order for the research development specialist to review and approve on behalf of Fraser Health (after receiving Fraser Health executive approval).

How do I get my application approved by Fraser Health?

All external research grant applications are required to be reviewed and approved by the Fraser Health Department of Evaluation and Research Services’ (DERS) executive team prior to submission to the funder. To do so, in addition to contacting our research development specialist, you will need to submit “Application to Initiate a Project Record” in ROMEO and complete the “External Grant Application” tab.

The following items within your application will be reviewed:

  • Compliance with Fraser Health policies and procedures.
  • Director-level approval of your application.
  • Accurate provision of Fraser Health information.
  • Relevance to submission criteria as outlined by the funding agency.

Once reviewed, the application is forwarded with a briefing memo to the vice president of DERS, or designate, for signature.

Important: Changes to the budget cannot be made on the application after Fraser Health provided approval. Should a change be necessary, the application must be resubmitted for re-approval by Fraser Health.


  • Applications that have been reviewed by or consulted with the research development specialist will be processed within three business days of receipt.
  • Applications not reviewed by or consulted with the research development specialist will be processed within one week.


Instructions for creating an account and logging onto ROMEO are found in Section 2.2 of the ROMEO guidelines. Instructions for creating a project record on ROMEO are found in Section 5.2 of the ROMEO guidelines.