Online Incident Reporting for Residential Care Facilities

As per the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and applicable regulations, licensed care facilities are required to report specified incidents that affect persons in care. 

The purpose of reporting an incident is:

  • To ensure that incidents are reported and reviewed in a timely manner both by the facility and Community Care Facilities Licensing staff. This process will assist in the prevention of recurrence and in the promotion of a high standard of care, safety, health and dignity of the persons in care. This also allows for health authority wide trending and analysis to support continuous quality improvement.
  • To comply with the legal responsibility to report incidents as stated in the Regulations that apply to Community Care

Beginning in May 2017, the Community Care Facilities Licensing program now offers licensed facilities the option to submit their required incident reports through the online incident reporting system.

Instructions and a Q&A document can also be found at this location.

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