Prenatal Registration


Pregnant? Register early in pregnancy for our Best Beginnings public health program.

Working closely with doctors, midwives and hospital maternity staff, our public health nurses provide health services to pregnant women, new mothers, babies, children and their families.

Why register my pregnancy?

By registering your pregnancy with us, you will be connected to our services to support you along your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

  • You will receive a prenatal package in the mail which includes helpful information about healthy food choices, childbirth classes, free prenatal breastfeeding classes and feeding and caring for a new baby.
  • You will learn about community services or programs that are right for you.
  • You may receive a call from a public health nurse to connect you for further support.

When should I register?

Register as early in your pregnancy as possible (by 15 weeks), so we can provide you with the most services. You can register any time up until the day you deliver. We also encourage you to register in every pregnancy.

How can I register?

Having trouble registering? Contact your local public health unit.

SmartMom text messaging service

Enroll in the SmartMom program to receive free text messages that will guide you through every week of your pregnancy.  Messages are tailored to your due date and all of the health information provided is from sources you can trust.

You will receive text messages to websites and videos on how your baby is growing, about important health choices and about how to manage your labour.

To enroll:

  • Register through our online prenatal registration form (listed above) or
  • Text "SmartMom" to 12323 or
  • Visit

Is this the same as registering for my delivery?

No. To register for the hospital where you will deliver, speak to your health care professional or contact the maternity unit at your hospital.

Pregnancy programs in the community

Looking for pregnancy programs in your community? Speak with your local public health nurse for a list of programs and supports available.

Take a prenatal class and a prenatal breastfeeding class - a great way to answer many questions that may come up in your pregnancy journey.

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