Having chronic pain while being able to complete your work at your best can be a challenge.

Here are some simple tips from Pain BC to help manage your pain in the workplace: Pain BC returning-to-work-asking-for-what-you-need

How to make your workstation more comfortable

  • Tell your employer about your pain. If they know your situation, they can better understand your need for medical appointments, to pace your work or to change your work environment.
  • Modify your workstation, such as an ergonomic chair and keyboard placement. View WorkSafeBC’s How to Make Your Computer Workstation Fit You, a self-help guide on how to identify and solve problems with computer workstations.
  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time will increase your pain, it is important to change positions frequently or take five minute stretch breaks regularly. 
  • Reduce lifting and bending with heavy objects. Avoid twisting as you lift. Watch this video on lifting in the workplace.