Starting July 1, 2019, the Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation requires parents or guardians to report the vaccination status of their school-age children.

Every student, from kindergarten to grade 12, in public and independent schools, and those who are home-schooled, will be expected to have their complete immunization records in the Provincial Immunization Registry.

Beginning in September, Fraser Health's public health team will be sending letters to parents in kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 9, who have NOT submitted immunization records or are not up-to-date for age-appropriate vaccinations.  These letters will provide you with additional instructions on how to update your child's immunization records and where to send the information.

  • If your child's immunization records are up-to-date and you have not been contacted by Fraser Health, no further action is needed
  • If your child was immunized outside of Fraser Health, you can report your child's immunizations to

Learn more about mandatory vaccination status reporting at the Immunize BC website.