Why it matters:

Connections to community, school, family and caring adults build children’s resilience and support caregivers to provide stable, nurturing relationships for their children. Policies, programs and services can create the conditions and experiences that support healthy child development and supportive family relationships.

As a community, we can promote positive childhood experiences by ensuring children and families feel connected and included where they live, work and play.

As a society, we can make sure people know violence and discrimination are unacceptable and intervene when we see them happening.

What this could look like:

  • Schools
    • Collecting student and staff indicators of social connection and resilience
    • Providing inclusive early learning programs for children with support needs
  • Local government
    • Engaging children and youth in decisions that impact their lives
    • Creating family-friendly communities that are sustainable and resilient
  • Health and social services
    • Facilitating collective action among organizations that support families
    • Using equity tools to assess and plan programs and services
  • Community
    • Creating events and spaces that are inclusive, accessible and safe
    • Implementing actions to support truth and reconciliation

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