As part of phase two, we are implementing a number of projects that will improve patient care now in preparation for the new acute care tower opening.

Site Operations Command Centre

The Site Operations Command Centre (SOCC) is an innovative feature of the redevelopment project designed to provide a central control point for operational processes across the hospital campus.

The SOCC will have the right technology and supports in place to improve patient flow logistics, discharge planning and support services coordination. We will be conducting a number of plan-do-study-act cycles as early implementation opportunities that will help identify proposed changes to people, processes and technology.

One of the first cycles involves access to the ‘higher level of care’ (HLoC) cardiac services. This initial test case will provide the groundwork for additional cycles over the next two years.

Surgical Services Patient Tracking

Royal Columbian Hospital surgical services patient tracking

In partnership with TeleTracking, this project will improve the efficiency of the current surgical services area and will help inform the technology-enabling workflow design of the future integrated interventional ‘superfloor.’

The project will make it possible to capture patients’ physical locations and the milestones of their surgical journeys from the time they are registered to the time they leave recovery, track the status of an operating room, view the add-on surgery volume and know the progress of the surgical slate at any given time via remote access.

The project is intended to improve the efficiency of the distribution of information across surgical services, reduce process delays and backlogs in associated service areas, increase on-time starts and provide real time access of the patient’s status to clinicians.

This project will involve and positively affect many different stakeholders across surgical services. It is expected to begin in Fall 2021.

Interventional Radiology Information Distribution

Capitalizing on the TeleTracking investment made with Surgical Services Patient Tracking, Interventional Radiology kicked off the Interventional Radiology Information Distribution (IRID) early implementation project in June 2021. IRID’s objectives are to increase situational awareness through streamlining service requests, triage processes, and workflow while leveraging information distribution within the Interventional Radiology department. The IRID is aimed to go live in early 2022. 

Inpatient Hospital Transportation

This project will help address the increased demand for porter services once the acute care tower is open.

Front line staff and their managers are collecting data on how porter services are used. We are collating and analyzing the data to help identify current service volumes to inform future state planning.