This is a follow-up to a Construction Notice issued March 29, 2016.

What’s happening

Construction starts Thursday, May 17, on our Main Entrance parking lot expansion.

Area affected

The hospital’s greenspace will be repurposed at the corner of East Columbia and Sherbrooke Streets, plus areas near the Main Entrance.

Scope of work

Over 100 patient and visitor parking stalls are being added, temporarily, between now and fall 2016 to this area.

Construction will happen in four stages and begin at East Columbia Street.

About 40 trees, most shrubs, and grass will be removed, starting Thursday May 19 with 23 trees in the greenspace, and will continue over the next four months. Most wood will be used for furniture, art, and hospital benches. Over 25 trees will stay for now, including 10 along Sherbrooke Street and the two largest trees in that area. Historical artifacts will be moved. The finished lot will include some landscaping.

Approximately 21 stalls will close temporarily on Thursday, May 19, and nine stalls on Friday, May 20, to allow for tree felling and brush removal, then reopen.


This temporary parking helps offset the 300-stall lot closing in late 2016/early 2017 at the bottom of Keary Street, where we’ll build a new underground parkade and our new mental health facility. Once the new underground parkade opens the temporary visitor lot will be repurposed for future redevelopment, which will include new landscaping. 

Everyone agrees we need more parking. Maintaining our supply while the parkade is built deters visitors and employees from parking in the neighbourhood. 

A 500-stall parking lot will also be temporarily added for employees and construction workers this summer in the vicinity of the hospital.

Impact to you

Road access along East Columbia is not expected to be disrupted. Access to the hospital’s Main Entrance will remain open during all stages.

Construction partners will endeavour to minimize the impact of noise, dust and disruption to our neighbours in accordance with City regulations.


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