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Amenities and Services

Hospital-specific information about what services you can access

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Whether you are staying in hospital yourself, coming in for a day test or procedure, or visiting a loved one, we are pleased to provide you with a variety of amenities and services that you may need or want during your stay.

Select the category below for more hospital-specific information about the amenities and services we provide.

  • Rooms
  • Language / Translation Services
  • Ethics Consultation
  • Spiritual Care
  • Parking

    Please note: Parking fees at hospital sites is not intended to be an added burden on our patients, clients and visitors. However, as hospitals are centrally located, often in the downtown core of a community their parking spaces are very sought after and parking rates are intended to encourage stall rotation to ensure patients have access to parking at all times.  

    Health authorities have hardship provisions in place to waive fees where they will pose a genuine challenge to families or offer other alternatives such as transit vouchers – and in the case of some facilities will substantially reduce rates for patients facing an extended stay.  For more information, please speak with your unit social worker or hospital administration for more information.

  • Shuttle (Surrey only)

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