Step through Fraser Health’s Digital Front Door with Fraser, your digital health care navigator.

Fraser is waiting to welcome you through our Digital Front Door and help match you with the closest, most appropriate service for your health care needs. 

Fraser is your friendly health care navigator. Fraser can help you find care based on your location, symptoms and service availability. 

As time goes on, Fraser and the Digital Front Door will grow and change with experience. As new functionality is added, Fraser’s avatar will also change and become more sophisticated.  

In the first version, the Digital Front Door will help people:

  • Decide if they should go to the Emergency Department, Urgent and Primary Care Centre, Fraser Health Virtual Care or an Urgent Care Response Centre;  
  • Navigate Mental Health and Substance Use services for our adult populations; and  
  • Find Palliative Care options. 

People can access the Digital Front Door via the homepage of our website, by selecting ‘Ask Fraser’ in the top or bottom web navigation bars.  

When using the tool, it’s important to note that it considers the time of day and services that are open at the time of use. This means users may receive different suggestions depending on the day and time they are using the tool.   

Check out the Digital Front Door and meet Fraser.