Clinical research is crucial in improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injury, and is focused on the treatment of patients to deepen the understanding of disease states.

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High quality health care is always grounded on the outcome of research and innovation.

At Fraser Health, our goal is to be world class in knowledge transfer and integration of leading-edge research into practice. We have over 20 years of experience conducting research at acute care sites within the health authority. We have conducted over 800 clinical research studies.

If you have any questions about conducting clinical research at Fraser Health, please contact the Clinical Trials and Business Development Manager

Learn more about the approval process, resources or other information to conduct clinical research at Fraser Health:

Clinical research support

Find out about the clinical research approval process, as well as requirements and resources available for Fraser Health researcher and research staff. 

Clinical trials research groups

Learn more about our clinical trials research groups.

Becoming an academic affiliated researcher

Access opportunities to partner with us to further your research.