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Two-year-old immunization coverage in Fraser Health

At Fraser Health we take immunizations very seriously and monitor the immunization coverage rates in our communities on a frequent basis. Infants are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to vaccine preventable diseases as they can become seriously ill if not protected from these infections. That’s why Fraser Health focuses on ensuring that every 2-year old in our region is up to date on their immunizations. Immunizations help provide the best start to life. 

By immunizing infants we are also protecting individuals who cannot be immunized due to medical reasons as well as protecting the rest of our community from the spread of outbreaks. By maintaining high immunization coverage rates in the early years we are ensuring entire neighbourhoods, schools and cities are as healthy as possible.

Immunization is everyone’s responsibility and we wanted to share how our region is doing.

Each map shows municipalities divided up by different neighbourhood areas. Each neighbourhood is assigned a colour that corresponds to the percentage of 2-year olds in the 2016/17 fiscal year who were up to date on all of their immunizations (i.e. received all of their 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 month old vaccines as per the BC Routine Immunization Schedule for Infants & Children). If there were less than 25 2-year olds in a neighbourhood, the percentages were suppressed due to privacy and statistical reasons. While some neighbourhoods have coverage rates above 85 per cent, we need a coverage rate of over 95 per cent to best help protect the rest of the community from disease.

In addition to these maps, we have created one-page summaries for each of our municipalities to provide more in-depth information on our immunization coverage rates. In these summaries you will find information by disease specific vaccine, where children are falling behind and school based immunization coverage rates.

two year immunization rates
two year immunization rates minus booster

Close-up maps

Two year old immunization rates

View the close-up map for the entire Fraser Health region.

Below are the close-up maps for each region:

Two year old immunization rates (minus booster)

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