Starting July 1, 2019, parents and guardians need to report the vaccination status of their school-age children.

All B.C. students are required to have their complete immunization records in the Provincial Immunization Registry. This applies to children from kindergarten to grade 12, in public and independent schools and those who are home-schooled.

We care about keeping our schools and communities healthy. As a result, in support of B.C.’s new vaccination status reporting regulation, our public health staff will be checking the immunization records for kindergarten-age children. In cases where a child’s immunization records are missing or incomplete, public health may contact the child’s family to provide missing immunization information.

Parents or guardians of children in other grades are asked to check their child’s immunization records.

What do parents or guardians need to do?

Please check your child’s immunization records to ensure they are complete. Use the online Vaccination Status Indicator tool at to see if your child’s immunization records are on file with public health. The tool will not provide any details about their immunization status or history.

If the Vaccine Status Indicator shows that your child's immunization records are up-to-date. You do not need to take further action.

If the Vaccine Status Indicator shows that your child's immunization records are pending, no action is required at this time.  These records are in the process of being inputted into the system and may take some time to be entered.

If the Vaccine Status Indicator shows that your child’s immunization records are incomplete or missing, this means either public health does not have your child’s records, or your child needs additional immunizations.

If your child has been immunized outside of public health, you need to contact those immunization providers and ask for a copy of your child's immunization record. Please provide these records to your local public health unit.

Report your child’s immunizations to public health on our website at

Be certain the record you’re submitting has your child’s full name, date of birth, sex, and Personal Health Number (PHN) from their B.C. Medical Services plan if the PHN is available.

If your child needs additional immunizations, please contact an immunizing doctor or pharmacist (ages five and up), or book an appointment with public health.

For a list of community vaccine providers please visit:

To book an appointment with public health call:

  • 604-702-4906 (residents of Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Agassiz and Hope)
  • 604-476-7087 (residents in all other areas of Fraser Health)

Vaccination status reporting does not apply to children attending schools in First Nations communities.

Collecting immunization information keeps our schools and communities healthy and helps public health to prevent and control disease outbreaks.

For more information, please visit B.C.’s immunization website: