Call the public health unit closest to where you received your immunizations to request your records.

A person without a written immunization record, or proof of having had disease, is considered unimmunized and unprotected.

Where can I get my immunization records?

There is no central immunization registry in B.C. When you get an immunization in B.C., a paper record is provided. If you no longer have a copy of your immunization record, you can request a copy of your record in the following ways:

For childhood records (up to 18 years of age):

For adult records (19 years and older):

  • If your immunizations were provided at a public health unit, contact your public health unit.
  • If your immunizations were provided by another health care provider, contact that provider.

If you have moved to B.C. from out of province or country and do not have a copy of your immunization records, try to get your immunization records sent to you. It is important to report immunization records of children 18 years and younger to Public Health

Please note: If a minor provided consent for immunization, only that minor can request a copy of their immunization record.

Getting your immunization records takes a few steps but it is a worthwhile process. 

Are my immunization records up-to-date?

To find out if your immunization records are up-to-date, review your records with your family doctor or a public health nurse.

Keep your records in a safe place

You may be required to show immunization records for work, to sign up for daycare, school, summer camps, college, university or to travel. Keep your records in a safe place that you remember.

Record your immunizations on a personal immunization card.

Record your child’s immunizations on a childhood immunization record card.

If you prefer electronic records, download the CANImmunize App.