Getting your child immunized, and immunized on time, is one of the most important ways to keep them healthy.

Why should I immunize my child?

Getting your child immunized, and immunized on time, is one of the most important ways to keep them healthy. Learn the benefits of immunizations.

When should my child get immunized?

  • Routine childhood immunizations are offered at 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 months, and 4 years of age.
  • Vaccines work best when they are given at the right time as your child grows. Follow the B.C. immunization schedule.
  • Know the five top reasons to follow the routine immunization schedule.

What if my family is new to Canada?

Immunizations schedules are often different from country to country. As a new Canadian there may be free vaccines that your child is eligible for. Talk with a nurse at your local public health unit to find out.

What vaccines does my child need if they have a chronic health condition?

Different chronic health conditions can put your child at risk for different vaccine preventable diseases. Talk with a nurse at your local public health unit to find out what vaccines your child may be eligible for.

Are all vaccines for infants and toddlers free? 

Routine recommended vaccines for infants and toddlers are free. There are additional vaccines available for purchase that may benefit your child, including vaccines to protect against hepatitis A and additional types of meningococcal bacteria. These vaccines are available from travel clinics, most pharmacies and some doctor’s offices. For more information on these vaccines speak to your family doctor. 

Where do I get my child immunized?

Protect your child against serious diseases by booking your immunization appointment today. Learn about where your child can get immunized.

Immunizations are safe

Some people worry that vaccines can cause other health problems, such as autism. Researchers have not found any evidence of a link between vaccines and autism or any other illnesses. Learn more about the safety of vaccines.

Care for your child

Learn about what to expect at your child's immunization appointment and how to make the experience a positive one.

Keep your child's immunizations up-to-date and know what vaccine is next

  • Book your child’s next appointment after your child is immunized and while you are still at the health unit.
  • Sign up with ImmunizeBC to get text message reminders.
  • Download the CANImmunize App for your iPhone or Android device.

Keep track

Children born in B.C. receive a Child Health Passport booklet. Bring this booklet to each visit, record your child’s immunizations and keep it in a safe place. You may need it later to sign up for daycare or school, to travel or to take to the hospital in case of emergency.

If you lose your child’s health passport, contact your doctor or Public Health for their immunization records and record it on: