Digital health week 2023 collage of digital health projects

Learn about how we are transforming the health system for better health now and into the future.

We’re transforming care.

Our digital transformation journey prioritizes exceptional experiences. We aim to revolutionize care delivery and harness the power of virtual care for a seamless, equitable and easily accessible high-quality health system.

No matter where you find yourself in your care journey, Fraser Health will help connect you to the right service, ensuring you receive person-centered and accessible care, in the right place, by the right team member, in your home and community.

Read about the five ways we are already transforming the health system below:

Fraser Health Virtual Care is a convenient path to care

Virtual Psychiatry Unit Real clinicians providing high-quality care and treatment to patients in their homes

Advance is a new electronic health record that builds the foundation of a seamless experience of giving and receiving care

Digital tech helps us harness data drive efficiencies and help improve care

Opening the gateway to a new era in health care with predictive and prescriptive health analytics

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